The motherlode of NFL rules and their interpretations

Whether you know everything about on- and off-field rules or are a true novice, Ben Austro deftly illustrates the ins and outs of the NFL rulebook using examples from actual games. Test your inner referee with questions about the correct call and how slight changes might affect the ruling. Keep this book right next to your favorite football-watching chair to consult during the game

What they are saying about So You Think You Know Football?

Peter King

The MMQB editor-in-chief; NBC NFL analyst

Ben Austro is so deft and smart about every football rule that he could be working at the right hand of Dean Blandino in the NFL officiating department. But you’re lucky he isn’t, because now he has time to enrich your football experience with this book.

Kevin Seifert reporter

A readable, informative, and entertaining casebook of NFL rules that appeals to the casual and expert fan. Austro explains nuanced examples with an authority typically unseen from NFL media.

John Murphy

Buffalo Bills play-by-play announcer

It’s been fascinating to follow Ben Austro’s progression from interested fan to qualified commentator to bona fide expert on NFL rules and officiating. So You Think You Know Football? is must-reading for NFL fans who want to know how the game really works. The book takes you from the start of the game to the finish and highlights interesting rule quirks with real-life examples taken from recent NFL games.

Larry Upson

fmr. NFL officiating supervisor & official; fmr. UFL VP of officiating

Ben Austro has done an outstanding job of research and analysis of the rules and nuances of the game of football as played and officiated in the National Football League. For every fan that has ever said “I could’ve made that call” to themselves or their football buddies—here’s your chance. Austro leaves no stone unturned as he fully explains the when, what, and how behind various rules and interpretations which come into play each and every week during an NFL game. I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I have.